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1.  Accu-Glide sealed bearing system uses 12 sealed bearings for easy and precise movement.
Two Carriage locks secure carriage during rip cuts or when using router.
Makita 5007N 15 amp saw.  Able to see saw blade when making a cut.  Uses standard 7 ¼" saw blades.  Vary your depth of cut to score material for a bend. Able to bevel cut like a table saw.  Blade lock for fast and easy saw blade changes. Red Trigger lock for rip cutting.
4. Guide tube support brackets ensure guide tubes stay parallel and allow you to replace a single tube at a time.

5. Cord Holder
6. Hose Channel keeps hose aligned on roller and out of your way.
7. Dust hose is 2.5" in diameter and 12' long. Included hose coupler allows you to just plug it into your shop vaccuum.  
8. Metal dust hood over saw has blade viewing port.
9. Spinning saw insert allows for faster cross to rip changes.
10. Rip Pointers allow fast and easy rip cut set ups.
11. Guide tubes are nickel chrome plated for better action and longer wear.
12. The folding stand folds from the front just like a ladder for easy movement. Has 10 lock nuts and is factory attached unlike other machines where you have to put on the stand.
13. Stop Block rides on fence lip so it can be used on either side of saw. Strip bar allows you to use the stop close in by the saw for cutting strips.
14. Welded steel Frame is powder coated.
15.  Side stand legs keeps machine stable when set up.
16. Fence lip has an off-set bend to allow for 1 3/4" cross cut.  There are 18 support rollers on a full size machine compared to 14 rollers on other machines. A second set of material roller holes allows the user to raise the material rollers and start their cut below the material. This is useful for thin plastics that have a tendency to shatter.
17. Five inch wheels allow for easy movement of the entire machine.  When machine is tilted back on the stand the wheels are off the ground.
18. Spring on rip guage tape keeps tape straight and easy to read.
19. Strip support is standard and supports your material very close to your saw blade.
20. The patented Accu-Square system allows for easy one time alignment of the machine and guarantees your machine will never go out of square again.
21. The Accu Fence bracket is attached to one fence to ensure ends of fences are in alignment.

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